Kelly Pearson is mom to three kiddos and owns Cowabunga’s with her husband Matt.  

They have hosted over 20,000 birthday parties in their 10 years in business.  

Their business model focuses on fun play & party time in a setting that parents feel comfortable playing along.

We Make Family Fun Easy!


Cowabunga’s was especially designed for maximum fun AND also for parent comfort!  As parents ourselves, we put A LOT of thought in the design of our spaces to make sure parent feel comfortable playing along when they like.  Equally as important, we make sure they have a space to kick back & relax.

Here are some of the changes we’ve implemented to make play time stress free for parents!

  • Easy online ticketing allows customers a fast pass to fun!
  • Adults play for free on equipment that is easy to get on!
  • Plenty of seating options to allow adults to relax but keep children in eyesight.
  • Equipment especially designed so parents can see your kids while they play
  • For walk-in play, we allow customers to bring in your own food & drink as long as it’s nut free!

Parties are our "thing"!

Our parties follow the exact same thought process.  We like to give parents the easy path to celebrate with friends and family!

  • Our parties can be easily booked online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Ninety percent of our parties are private, allowing parents to focus on their guests, rather than getting distracted by strangers.
  • Our private party gyms are the perfect size to keep friends playing together & have seating for parents to chill.
  • Parents like private parties as they are with friends, in a controlled setting.  They don’t have to worry about where their children are!
  • Our party pros take care of leading the party! 

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