Kelly Pearson is mom to three kiddos and owns Cowabunga’s with her husband Matt.  They have hosted over 20,000 birthday parties in their 10 years in business.  Their business model focuses on fun play & party time in a setting that parents feel comfortable playing along.

The Biggest Mistake Parents Make When Planning a Birthday Party!

Do you want to know the most common mistake parents make when planning their kids birthday party?  They focus on the wrong things!  Moms, especially, are notorious for hyper focusing on the birthday party decorations, searching for the best birthday cake and may even agonizing over what they will wear to the birthday party.  While they get caught up in the planning whirlwind, they forget something so simple.  

Kids just want to have a fun birthday party with their friends.

They definitely more worried about who will show to the birthday party AND what activity will they do.

Here are 3 things to focus on to make your child’s birthday party extra fun!

  1.  Start your planning with an activity the kids will do at the party.  This could be an activity or play place that excites your child!
  2. Make sure to invite all of your children’s friends!
  3. Follow up with guests by text or email!  We all get busy and definitely need reminders!

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