Raise money for your non-profit or parent-teacher organization.

Book your local fundraiser today!  This is the perfect way to give back to your community and raise money for your favorite non-profit organizations. Whether you’re looking to raise money for a PTO or another cause, hosting a family night is an easy way to make money while having fun with your family.  With Cowabunga’s local fundraisers, you can not only make some extra money but also give back and create lasting memories with the people you love.

Cowabunga’s offers a fun way to raise money for your organization and help our small business bring in new customers!  Right now we only offer local fundraisers for active non-profits with a valid non-profit tax ID.  You must provide proof of non-profit status before booking your local fundraiser!

How do our local fundraisers work?

  • Local fundraisers are available on Thursdays nights from 4 pm to 8 pm with two play slots of 4 pm to 6 pm & 6 pm to 8 pm. For earlier availability on Thursdays, please reach out.
  • These events will be open to the public. Typically sales don’t count towards your fundraiser UNLESS they purchase with your link.
  • You must have 10 tickets sold to make it a fundraiser!
  • Tickets will be $20 each for a 2 hour play slot.
  • We will donate $5 of each ticket sale back to your organization.
  • If you have over 50 kids, we will increase the donation to $7 per ticket.
  • Attendees must use the link we provided so we can accurately track sales.
  • Walk-in admissions will be allowed if we aren’t at “capacity” for the night.  They must mention your organization’s name when they come in to count towards your fundraiser.
  • Donations will only be made on full priced ticket sales of $20.  They can not be combined with any other offers.
  • You can also have raffles or sell items that don’t compete with what we sell at Cowabunga’s!  This could be raffle baskets or items with your organization’s name on it.
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