Kelly Pearson is mom to three kiddos and owns Cowabunga’s with her husband Matt.  

They have hosted over 20,000 birthday parties in their 10 years in business.  

Their business model focuses on fun play & party time in a setting that parents feel comfortable playing along.

Bringing in the New!

We always have something new up our sleeve!  While these projects seem to come together quickly, most take YEARS of planning & researching.

We just unveiled coin operated, ride on cars at Cowabunga’s in Manchester, NH.  Each ride is 50 cents & lasts about 2 minutes.  Of course, North Reading will be getting them too!  However, we will wait until that store’s renovation is complete before installing them there. 

A BIG shout out to AJ & team at BUILT IN NH!  They have wow’s us with their beach inspired enclosure, & we’ll be bedazzling it with some fun accessories soon!

This idea has been a long time in the making.  Our oldest boys, now 14 & 11, *LOVED* driving around mini cars when they were younger.  Since then, we’ve been on the hunt for the perfect vendor to purchase these from.

It took us a while to pick cars, as we had a lot of requirements.  Here are some of them! 

  • Needed to maneuver in a small area
  • Ability to be coin operated
  • No exposed wheels for toes to get squished
  • Didn’t want them to go too fast
  • Needed something great for ages 2 through 10
  • Battery operated & hold a charge for a whole day
  • Something that looks nice, of course!
What do you think?  How did we do?  And … ummm … sorry for the bad pictures! My kids are cute, right? lol

We're Rolling Out New Inflatables too!

We will also love our inflatables!  They give families hours & hours of laughs and memories together!  Over the next 8 months, we will be replacing almost every piece that we have.  We’ve been buying inflatables for over 10 years & have most of our units customed designed for us!

It’s so exciting to design units & wish I could spend all of my time doing it!  lol! 


Events & Specials in Manchester, NH!

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