Kelly Pearson is mom to three kiddos and owns Cowabunga’s with her husband Matt.  

They have hosted over 20,000 birthday parties in their 10 years in business.  

Their business model focuses on fun play & party time in a setting that parents feel comfortable playing along.

Rockin’ Your Child’s Summer Birthday!

Let’s keep it real. Summer birthdays can be a bummer for kids as they don’t get to celebrate with their teachers & classroom friends.  Then, they transition into the summer routine, making getting in touch with classroom friends harder.

But, here’s the upside …  You don’t have to worry about inviting their whole class to the party!  

Here’s some great tips to planning the ultimate summer party!

Just Do It!

Don’t delay! Plan your summer party now so you can get invites out now!  While you don’t need to plan all the details of the party, just simply pick the date & time of the event.  On the invites, ask parents to text you so you can collect everyone’s phone numbers for reminders.

Invite Classroom Friends Now!

If you don’t have parent information for your child’s classroom friends, make sure to send out invites before the end of school.  Otherwise, you will be left searching social media for parents, and that gets a little sketchy.

Invite a Few Extras!

While a lot of families vacation in the summer, it shouldn’t stop the fun!  Invite a couple of extra kids knowing that the some will be out of town during the party.  This also allows your child to invite new friends they’ve made at summer camp.

Keep It Simple!

There is one thing that will make your child’s party a success — playing with friends!  Don’t go overboard on the details but focus on a fun activity the kids can do together!  Smiles and laughter make the best parties!

Need Help?

We can do all the work for you!  Cowabunga’s was built for amazing birthday parties, and we have party packages to fit all sizes and budgets.  Best thing about it — we make planning easy with an online booking system!  Check it out today!


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