We’re a cast of characters! We have popular character visits that adds something special to your child’s birthday party. Characters will drop in during your party for 20 minutes for pictures, interactions & more!

Character visits are recommended for private parties, as this allows dedicated time without distractions from other kids. Character visits can be done during your private play time or in the private cake room. Your party planner will talk through the options with you.

These special visits can be done during a public party, but characters may also interact with children outside your party. We will make sure that the birthday party children get plenty of time as well!

We’ve got your favorite characters on speed dial! Book your party today!


Our mascot character add a special spark to your child’s birthday party! Our characters spend about 20 minutes with birthday party kids giving them high fives, hugs & posing for pictures. Unfortunately, our mascot characters can not talk and are limited on what they can do. Another staff member will be there to assist them and facilitate the visit.

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