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NEW! Masks are no longer required for adults who are fully vaccinated and children under 12! READ MORE.


Are you a parent that likes to take charge and lead a party? Are you looking for budget friendly option? If you answered yes to these questions, a public party may be a great option for you! We recommend public parties for 8 kids and 8 adults. These options provide limited capacity, but limitless fun!

Public Party Costs ::

  • 2 hour Reserved Pavilion Rental
  • Plus, $20 per child who comes for 2 hours of play
  • Adults are free. Max of 2 adults per child.
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Here’s how it works ::

You reserve a semi private table area ($75) plus pay per child ($20) that comes to your party for a two hour slot. Adults are free with a paying child. Please limit it to two adults per child.

Your table rental includes four round tables that each has 4 chairs each in our pavilion area, counter space, a bin for shoes and coats and all white plates, spoons, knives, forks and napkins.

You can decorate the space as you’d like, but we ask that you not move or add tables/chairs to your area. Our areas have been spaced for maximum physical distancing. If you feel like your party will be bigger than 5 kids & 5 adults, please consider a private party.

Parent host responsibilities ::

  • Make sure children sanitize hands periodically through stay including before eating
  • Keep track of children and monitor them
  • Plan out cake and eating time to fit within your window of time

ABSOLUTELY NO HOME COOKED FOOD or OUTSIDE FOOD PERMITTED unless it falls in one of these categories.

  1. Store bought, nut free cake that doesn’t require refrigeration.
  2. Store bought snacks that are nut free and individually packaged.


MASKS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES except when seating for eating and drinks.

Is the public party too “PUBLIC” for you? Check out our award winning PRIVATE PARTY options.