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Kelly Pearson is mom to three kiddos and owns Cowabunga’s with her husband Matt.  

They have hosted over 20,000 birthday parties in their 10 years in business.  Their business model focuses on fun play & party time in a setting that parents feel comfortable playing along.

Do I Have to Invite Siblings to My Child’s Party?

Absolutely not.  While it’s always nice to invite siblings to your child’s birthday party, it’s no longer expected that you will. Especially if you’re having a party at an indoor party place, it’s sometimes best not to.

Here’s the pros & cons to inviting siblings to your child’s birthday party.

yes yes yes

It may make it easier for parents of multiple children.
There will be more kids to play with.
Maybe you would get more gifts.

no no no

Siblings are more inclined to fight at parties.
More kids doesn't always mean your party will be "more" fun.
The party child could get lost in the craziness.
Parents may drop off, and you'll be left with all the kids.
It may make the party more expensive.

The most important thing is to invite children that will excite your child. If you’re child had formed friendships with his friends siblings, then definitely extend an invite.

What are your thoughts on the subject?


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