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What type of birthday parties does Cowabunga’s offer?

Cowabunga’s throws an award winning birthday party! We have two different party options at our facility, public or private.

A PRIVATE PARTY gets to enjoys their party without the distractions of the public. This allows children and parents to play and socialize together. Our party pros lead the fun and takes care of all the details, as well as set up and clean up. Our private parties are 2 hours long and all follow the same rotation through our private gyms & end in the cake room. That leaves 1.25 hours of playing and 45 minutes of food & cake. Afterwards, private parties can play in our open gym for up to 45 minutes for free.

A PUBLIC PARTY is a party hosted in our open gym area. Public parties reserve a two hour party pavilion rental ($75) and pay per child ($15) that comes. One free adult per child. Each additional adult is $7.50. This party can play in our public area for the two hours reserved. This option is great for smaller parties and can accommodate 6 children and 6 adults. If your expecting more, consider reserving an extra row ($75) or looking at the private party package.

Both party options require guests to wear masks when at Cowabunga’s. Guests can take off masks when actively playing on equipment or when seated eating.

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Where are your facilities located?

We have two great locations! — 265 Main St. North Reading, MA 01864 AND 725 Huse Rd, Manchester, NH 03103! For directions, hours, and more, visit our Hours & Directions page! We did close our Hooksett, NH location in 2019 after we launched our newer, larger Manchester, NH location.

What ages is Cowabunga’s best suited for?

We’ve designed Cowabunga’s to be fun for all ages. We recommend our facility for walkers and older. We’ve even hosted adult only and teenage birthday parties at our facility. Younger kids may need assistance on some of our equipment, so feel free to hop on and bounce right along with them!

What is the admission cost?

Best value in New England! $12 for kids for an hour OR $15 for two hours; One adult and baby (non-walkers, non-players) are free per paying child! “Adult is anyone over 18 years old. ‘Babies’ are considered babies who do not participate on our equipment!

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Our new COVID standards only allows limited customers in our open gym. We always recommend buying your pass ahead of time, so you can reserve your spot. If you are using a gift certificate, please call the store so they can help process your purchase.

What is a waiver and why do you use them?

We’re a play at your own risk facility and are currently transitioning to a digital waiver and health certification. You can do this all online when you purchase your open gym play pass.

Can I send my kids in alone to play?

No. All kids must have an adult on site to watch them while they play. We hope that you’ll play along with them. Please make sure to keep your child in eye sight at all times.

Are adults and babies really free?

One adult and one baby (non-walkers, non-players) are free with a paying child!

Can I bring a stroller?

Yes! We allow strollers at our facility. We also have a family bathroom that has a nursing area and changing table.

How much is it?

Our open gym admission is $12 per child for a hour of play OR $15 for two hours. Admission rates apply to participating babies up to age 17. Your admission at Cowabunga’s is good for the time slot you purchased. Please arrive on time as time slots can not be changed or extended once purchased.

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What extra precautions are you taking during this pandemic?

Cowabunga’s has had to change and adjust our business amidst COVID 19. With that said, we are a play-at-your-own-risk facility.

Here’s what we are doing :: (1) Online reservation system & waivers, (2) Health certifications for staff & customers, (3) frequent sanitation, (4) limited capacity at about 25%, (5) physical distancing instructions, (6) sanitation stations, (7) announcement reminders and more!

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Are adults really allowed on all the equipment?

Yes, please do! All of our equipment was designed and ordered with older kids and adults in mind! Entrances and equipment weight limits are designed to hold adults of all shapes and sizes. Please stay with your children and physically distance yourself from other children not in your family.

Do you allow outside food and drink?

We allow outside food to be brought in during our open gym hours. Food must be NUT FREE and eaten at the front of our facility. We do have snacks and drinks for sale and can also order great food and pizza!

Why are you peanut free?

We are a facility that all kids can play at and we don’t want to exclude kids that have nut allergies.

Do you allow alcohol?

Sorry, no alcohol permitted at Cowabunga’s.

Are socks required?

Sock are required to bounce at Cowabunga’s. We do allow non-bouncers to wear shoes around our facility but ask that you remove them if you decide to bounce. Forgot your socks? No problem. Purchase socks for $2 each up at our counter.

What is Open Gym and when do you have it?

Open Gym is when we allow the public to play. Amidst the COVID 19 pandemic, we’ve had to change our open gym structure. Now, we offer hourly and two hour reserved play times. This allows us to have a less people at our facility while allowing more kids to play during the day. You can choose an open gym slot most Tuesdays through Sundays from 10 am to 7 pm (Friday ’til 8pm!). We may have shortened or extended hours based on weather. For up-to-date hours, follow us on our Facebook page!
During school vacation days and weeks, we usually are open everyday from 10 am to 4 pm and Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm. Check out our calendar of events for specific details!

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Do you offer a military discount?

We are proud to offer a military discount to active and retired military personnel! The military discount is $20 off any private party package we offer. Please provide military ID, paystub, or veteran’s ID card at the front desk or by email! This is one small way we can say ‘THANKS!’ Surf’s Up!

I’m new to this, do you have any tips?

(1) Pack socks! (2) Participate with your kids! (3) Come ready to have fun!

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How does a private party work?

Our private parties are the most popular at Cowabunga’s as it’s an environment that friends can play together and adults can relax. Our party pros lead the fun and takes care of all the details, as well as set up and clean up. Our private parties are 2 hours long and all follow the same rotation through our private gyms & end in the cake room. That leaves 1.25 hours of playing and 45 minutes of food & cake. Afterwards, private parties can play in our open gym for up to 45 minutes for free.

Also included in the packages is white paper supplies, cups, silverware and napkins. Drinks, goody cups, balloons, decorations and food can be added to your party package for an additional charge.

How does the private party rotation work?

Here’s how it works ::

VIP SERVICE (15 minutes before party begins) :: Pull up to the front doors and give us a ring! Our party pros will come out to unload your goodies from your car.

START TIME :: Please ask your guests to stay in their cars until the party start time. Your party pro will welcome each guest, take presents & offer hand sanitizer before entering the play area.

BOUNCY AREA #1 (45 minutes) :: We start your child’s party off with a bang, with the kids bouncy, playing in our first gym.Gym is sanitized before you enter & all attendees receive hand sanitizer.

JUMP, JUMP ROOM #2 (30 minutes) :: We do a quick switch-a-roo & the kids get excited to bounce & jump in a different room. Gym #2 is sanitized before you enter and attendees are asked to use hand sanitizer before and after playing in this gym.

CAKE, CAKE BABY (45 minutes) :: We save the best for last! You’ll spend 45 minutes eating, drinking & winding down after some active fun.

AFTER PARTY (one hour after until closing time) :: Guests can stay and play in our open gym area for up to 45 minutes.

Are babies and adults included in the headcount for my party?

Yes, adults are limited to 10 for this party package to allow for adequate room to physically distance. Hand held babies will not be included in the child count, unless they are playing on the equipment.

Does everyone need a waiver?

All of your guests need to sign a waiver & health certification on the day of your party. You can provide a link for them to do the waiver online or we provide them it the beginning of your party!

When should everyone arrive for my party?

Private party guests should stay in their car until the party start time. This will limit standing and congregating in our entry/hallways. At your party start time, your party pro will take presents from your guests, ask children to remove shoes, sanitize everyone hands and welcome them right into the first gym.

Do you have coolers and freezers for my party items?

No. Right now we are minimizing the handling and moving of food to limit cross contamination. Please bring your drinks in cold & bring a rolling cooler if you prefer they be kept ice cold.

Can I bring my own food?

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Can we open presents at Cowabunga’s?

Unfortunately, right now we are not allowing presents to be open at Cowabunga’s in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID19. We recommend that you take presents home and quarantine them fro 24 to 36 hours before opening them.

Do you have options for bigger private parties?

We do! We can accommodate bigger parties up to 30 kids & 30 adults in our open gym at the beginning of our day. Essentially, you’d get the whole open gym space for $450 from 10 am to 12 pm. Price subject to change based on occupancy capacity changes in the state.

What precautions are you taking to help prevent the spread of COVID19?

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How does a public party work?

Public parties are great for smaller groups & parents that like to lead their own party. Public parties reserve a spot at our party pavilion for two hours ($75) and pay per child ($15) that attends the party. Our party pavilion area is great for up to 6 kids and 6 adults. If you need more space, you may have to rent additional public pavilion rows. The final cost will depend on how many people come.

Your party will have access to play in the open gym, public area of our facility.

What is included in the party pavilion rental?

The public party pavilion rental includes access to a reserved area. This area includes four round tables with four chairs each. Tables are arranged to maximize physical distancing as required by the state. You also have dedicated counter space and a white bin for your parties coats and shoes.

Can I bring in my own food?

ABSOLUTELY NO HOME COOKED FOOD or OUTSIDE FOOD PERMITTED unless it falls in one of these categories.
** Store bought, nut free cake that doesn’t require refrigeration.
** Store bought snacks that are nut free and individually packaged.

What food/drink/add-on options do I have?

We have lots of add-on options for our parties. We can do as much as you’d like to make your party great! Check out our options online!
If you’re bringing in your own food, it must be nut-free. Also, your food must be either prepackaged (chips, snacks, etc.) or from a licensed kitchen (restaurant, grocery store, bakery). We cannot allow home-cooked food, including crockpots, sandwiches, platters, and such. Please know, we do not have means to keep food hot.

How many people can come?

Public parties should be limited to 6 children and 6 adults to allow for adequate physical distancing. If you are having more, you should reserve an extra row at the party pavilion or consider a private birthday party package.

Does everyone need to sign a waiver?

Yes. Everyone needs to fill out a waiver and health certification before entering Cowabunga’s. This helps us