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Cowabunga’s is committed to reducing the spread of germs at our facility.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that all visitors over the age of three wear masks at our indoor inflatable playground and required for all over 12 that are unvaccinated.  In addition, our staff will be wearing masks.


WE’RE KEEPING OUR NUMBERS LOW.  We have switched our business model to a low occupancy model, limiting the number of families playing at any time. This allows for an amazing play experience for families and plenty of room for customers to spread out.

Cowabunga’s is committed to lowering the of spread of germs at our facility. For this reason, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that all guests ages 3 and older wear masks at our indoor inflatable playground  and required for all over 12 that are unvaccinated.

WE FOCUS ON INDOOR AIR QUALITY AT OUR INDOOR PLAYGROUND. This has always been our main concern at our facilities. We realize that we don’t want germs trapped in the air. We use our air handling systems to the max and set them to constantly bring in fresh air. This allows particles to be swiftly pushed to the ground, where they quickly die or get sanitized. We have also use high grade HEPA filters.

WE ARE CONSTANTLY SANITIZING.  We will continue to sanitize high touch areas regularly. We sanitize with a hospital grade Simple Green product that kills germs in 60 seconds.  We also have hand sanitizing stations throughout our facility.


Cowabunga’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDS all guests wear masks.  Masks are used to help control the indoor air quality in areas that guests can’t distance from others.  We feel that we can reduce the risk of spread of germs greatly by keeping numbers low at our facility.  This allows room for guests to spread out.  We also use our HVAC system to constantly pump in fresh air.   

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