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Parties Amidst the Pandemic!



We throw a great PRIVATE party! We are revamping our party offerings to allow and encourage physical distancing and eliminate outside contaminates. Private parties are still going to be a hot commodity at Cowabunga’s, as it will allow you to party with family & friends without the people you don’t know!


🎂 Private Parties will be limited to 10 kids and 10 adults to allow for physical distancing in our private gyms & cake rooms. We will have other options for BIGGER parties. We put a lot of brain power in coming up with this number. We looked at the size of each private gyms and the equipment. Each piece of inflatable got assessed with how many kids it could handle while making an honest attempt to physically distance. THEN, we decided how many adults could be in the room and stay six feet apart. In some cases, tables and benches were moved around or removed to make space.

✨ Face masks will be required for all over 3 years old when entering and exiting and for adults at all times when not seated and eating. Party parents can decide the rules for their party, as this is a small group of your friends and families. We recommend masks at all time. But, party parents can decided if they are requiring them when actively playing/bouncing & or when seated eating. Why seated and eating? Tables will be spaced apart to allow physically distance. Adults will be required to wear a mask all the time, unless actively playing. Staff will also wear custom designed, fun face masks at all times as well.

🩺 All guest will have fill out a digital waiver before coming and answer health questions using guidelines from the state. We are trying to limit standing around and lining up in our facility. This will help so much so we can bring people right into the party room. If they haven’t filled out a digital waiver, we will provide a web address to them to do it while their child bounces. A paper copy OR device will be provided as a last case scenario.

🌊 Party parents will be asked to come 10 minutes before the start of their party. They will drive up to the front door, call the store, and a party pro will unload your goodies. We will ask you to come in 5 minutes before the start of your party to go over details & then get the party started!

⏰ Party guest will be asked to stay out in their car until the start time of the party. This prevents a traffic jam in our facility and allows us to bring them right to the first bouncy gyms where all the fun is at.


  • Any plates, napkins and goodies that are in sealed packaging. Your cake room will have FIVE round tables. Keep that in mind if you bring table cloths.
  • Store bought cakes that are in air tight containers and don’t need to be refrigerated.
  • Prepackaged, individually packaged and nut free snacks. No big bags of chips or snacks.


  • These will be STRICTLY enforced.
  • Anything that needs to be refrigerated or kept warm.
  • No outside food from other vendors including pizza
  • Absolutely no homemade food.

🧼 Private parties will still follow the same signature Cowabunga’s rotation, but bypass the VIP room as to allow distancing. Gyms & party rooms will be sanitized with our hospital grade solution in between parties. Unlike other solutions, this sanitizer works in 60 seconds and isn’t harmful to children if they come in contact with it !

👊 Private parties will have increased use of hand sanitizer. We feel like using a sanitizer is an EASY way to clean those little fingers. We will do this before entering be required to use hand sanitizer upon entering, changing rooms and before eating. We will allow hand washing in our restrooms if someone prefers.

🎂 Our cake room will be revamped to have smaller round tables to allow EVERYONE to sit at a table with their family. We will only allow food & cake to be done in this room to limit time sitting in one spot.

🍕 Outside food will not be allowed UNLESS it meets one of these requirements. (1) It’s a cake that doesn’t need refrigeration and is nut free. (2) It’s a individually packaged snack that doesn’t require refrigeration or to be kept hot AND is nut free. Outside homemade food, pizza and food from other vendors WILL NOT be allowed.

🎁 Presents can not be opened at Cowabunga’s. Here’s our thought process. Because presents are brought from a variety of people, cross contamination is a huge concern. We want to limit contact with these presents. We recommend putting them in quarantine and opening them at home.

🤾 After your private party is over, your guests will be allowed to play in our OPEN GYM for at least 45 minutes, depending on the schedule of the day. This option is only allowed for parties ending before 6 pm. Children will be given stickers to enter the main gym to play with an end time clearly display. This goes along with our new hourly open gym play we are implementing in that area.

Questions, comments or concerns? Feel free to reach out to us at manchester@cowabungas.com or northreading@cowabungas.com.

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