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The Learning Lab at Cowabunga’s Manchester is offering licensed daycare for school age children to help assist students and families with the challenges of remote learning. Our program is specially developed for ages first graders to eighth grade. The daily schedule is flexible and based on each child’s needs & allows for active play time. 

Our focus will be on providing a fun and encouraging place for students with time for bouncing, sliding, playing, crafts, games and more!  Cowabunga’s is able to offer this program to a small group of students because Cowabunga’s has an amazing HVAC system and tons of space. 

How can we offer this when schools need to be closed? Our 24,000 square foot building space allows plenty of opportunities for physical distancing. Plus, our HVAC system pumps in lots of fresh air while scrubbing air from our space. We will follow COVID-19 guidelines similar to schools & daycares and will require mask usage when children can’t physically distance.

We’re sorry! This isn’t available at our North Reading, Mass location yet!

Weekday Care

Monday through Friday
7:30 am to 2:30 pm
Sibling discount is $25 off each

Full-Time Weekday with
Extended After Care

Monday through Friday
7:30 am to 5:00 pm
Sibling discount is $25 off each

Part-Time Weekday Care

Price per day, when available
7:30 am to 2:30 pm
Sibling discount is $5 off each

Part-Time Weekday with After Care

Price per day, when available
7:30 am to 5:00 pm
Sibling discount is $5 off each

We will have a nurturing, positive environment to assist your child with their work. Our staff will get them set up for their day of learning whatever that looks like. Each child will be monitored during their internet use and will have a checklist of what they need to accomplish.

Parents will supply the tools needed, such as computer, mouse, books and such. Staff will assist in printing and basic needs when possible. Children will be have a table and chair to themselves and be at least six feet away from other students! We will be very flexible to accommodate your child’s needs. During breaks, we will offer lots of fun! We will have small group games & crafts as well as free playtime.

When Are Masks Required?

During these times, we will be taking extra precautions. These include mask usage, extra sanitizing, daily health screenings of children & staff, encouraging hand washing and using our HVAC system to pump fresh air into the building.

Thinking about joining us? Email us at . Be sure to let us know the age of your children, what school they are enrolled in and what days you would like them attend.

Forms and Handbooks

Other Goodies!

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the hours and rates for this program?

We offer a flexible tuition rate as well as extended care.  Families can choose full time care or pay by the day.  We offer a sibling discount of $25 off each for full time care or $5 off each of daily rate.

7:30 am to 2:30 pm (full time) :: $225

7:30 am to 5:00 pm (full time extended care) :: $250

7:30 am to 2:30 pm (daily rate) :: $60

7:30 am to 5:00 pm (daily extended care) : $65

How many kids will be attending?

Our goal is 20 children per day, with the ability to add a more if all goes smoothly.

What is the sign-up process like?

When you are ready to sign up, we’ll email you an enrollment packet for you to fill out.  You will also receive a digital copy of the Parent’s Handbook & will need to provide a copy of immunizations and a current health form from your child’s doctor.

What extra precautions are you taking because of COVID-19?

Masks will be required at drop off and pick up, during quiet activity times and when physical distancing can not be expected.

Staff will wear masks.

Physical distancing measures will be in place

Health screenings will be done daily, including temperatures & oxygen checks of children and staff

Extra sanitation with hospital grade solution in between activities.  

Lots of hand washing & hand sanitizer including between activities and before eating

HVAC system running constantly to scrub and bring in fresh air

What do children need to bring to the program?

Parents will need to provide any tools and electronics needed for learning, including computer, mouse, headphones, books, notebooks, pencils etc.  They will also need to provide lunch, snacks and drinks for their child.

What is the commitment when signing up?

The Learning Lab requires you to sign a contract of services when you sign up.  This requires a two week notice when withdrawing your child from care.

Why are you licensed as a daycare?

The Learning Lab at Cowabunga’s wants to provide high quality care for your child.  Becoming licensed gives us rules and regulations to follow that are safeguards for families.  This includes having our staff have background checks, meet minimal education requirements and be CPR/First Aid certified.  All of this is very important to us and holds us to a higher standard and state guidelines.

Being licensed as a daycare also allows us to accept state childcare assistance.  We are in the process of doing this.

What kind of curriculum do you provide?

The Learning Lab doesn’t provide a curriculum for your child, rather helps your child complete the work given to them by their school & teacher.  We will supplement their learning with crafts, science experiments & read alouds when age appropriate.

Your place is so loud.  How will kids be able to learn?

Cowabunga’s won’t be loud during learning times.  In fact, the equipment will only be turned on during active times, minimizing the noise and distractions.

How many staff will your program have?

Our program will maintain the state regulated minimums of 1 staff member per 15 children; however, we expect that we will need a ratio of 1 staff to 7 children depending on the ages enrolled.

Can my kid bounce whenever they want?

No.  To minimize noise and distractions, equipment will only be turned on during active play times after learning is completed.  If your child finishes their work early, we will have quiet play stations to engage them, including craft projects, legos & toys, reading nook and board games.  Whenever possible, staff will supplement their education with reading & reading out loud to students.

Do you accept state assistance?

Yes. We accept state assistance for child care. Please let us know when you apply that you’re on state assistance, and we will provide the necessary form to link your account with ours. You must have a current child care scholarship. Want to learn more about this state program? CLICK HERE.