{FREE PRINTABLES} Valentine’s String Art!

{FREE PRINTABLES} Valentine’s String Art!

On Friday January 29th, we attempted something that’s never been done at Cowabunga’s before! We stepped out of our comfort zone and equipped kids with HAMMERS, and other supplies, to create a heart shaped string art. And, THE KIDS LOVE IT! Here are the instructions so you can create your own masterpiece at home.

Here’s what supplies you’ll need!

  • Small Hammer
  • 1 inch Nails — We use panel board nails
  • String — We use crochet string
  • Square wood Block — Ours was 5.5 x 5.5, cut from a 1×6 board
  • Printed Heart String Template
  • Scissors
  • Paint & Paint Brush

Check out our How-To video on our Facebook Page, Instagram Page or on YouTube.

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