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NEW! Masks are no longer required for adults who are fully vaccinated and children under 12! READ MORE.

Small Business are Struggling!

Small businesses are the backbone of our community, and we are struggling BIG TIME.  Our family owned business is wrestling with how to continue to operate during the pandemic.  If our business doesn’t open, Cowabunga’s won’t be around after the pandemic.  To put this simply, our business would have to close permanently.  Why? Being closed means that we can’t pay our bills. But, being open means that we can keep our staff paid but can’t pay all of our bills.  It’s a situation that is horrible to be in, and we realize that so many families are going through the same thing at home.  THIS IS HEARTBREAKING.

Right now, the Manchester, NH location is open for business on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays at a highly reduced occupancy level with lots of precautions in place.  During the week we have a **small** remote learning daycare.

Our North Reading, MA store is still closed due to local regulations and updates we need to do to reopen.

So what’s our solution? We will keep moving forward in the most socially acceptable way.  We realize that there are a group of people that think that we should stay closed during the pandemic.  But, I don’t think they realized the implications of that.  If we don’t reopen, we would have to be closed permanently.  A lot of kids entertainment places have already closed FOREVER!

  • Deeply care about our community because we LIVE here.
  • We consistently donate to fundraisers & raffles.
  • Sponsor sport teams & show up to games!
  • Small businesses host fundraisers for people/places in our community.
  • We care & listen to our customers and adjust our business to make it better.
Keep in mind that small businesses are those who —

Cowabunga’s has twisted, turned and adjusted our inflatable fun zone to fit into the pandemic.  We know to some, this isn’t enough but it’s the best we can do — and honestly, way more than others can pull off.

  • No more crazy busy open gym times! We have moved to an hourly reservation system for open play to highly limit occupancy & have a way to perform contact tracing. 
  • Our website now has online ticket sales & waivers now.
  • Cowabunga’s is requiring mask use for everyone 3 and older.  
  • Our business has upgraded and adjusted our air handling system to be on 100% and bring in more fresh air, while pushing particles to the ground.   
  • Sanitizing with a hospital grade solution is part of our routine!
  • We have reduced numbers for our private parties to 10 kids and 10 adults.  This allows for room for social distancing.
  • We are recommending that parties stick to friends & family that they are already socializing with.
What can you do to help?
  • If you feel comfortable, come join us to play OR book a private birthday party on our WEBSITE.
  • If you aren’t reading to come in, we TOTALLY understand.  Please help us by doing one of the following.
    • Like and follow us on Instagram & Facebook.
    • Share a post of ours with your friends.
    • Comment or interact with one of our posts.

What are you willing to do to help us?